Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving break was as relaxing as it gets. On Wednesday I had a well-needed “spa” day. On Thursday I helped my mom cleaned out our storage room; we threw out old Christmas decorations to make room for new ones and found some toys we could give to my cousin’s son. Later that day we went to my aunt’s house and had a simple dinner. On Friday I was supposed to go out with Alexandra but our plans got cancelled unexpectedly. We moved them to Saturday and went to watch The Good Dinosaur with her older sister and her younger sister. The Miami Lakes Festival of Lights was taking place that night and we wanted to stick around but it was taking forever to start so we left. Once we arrived at Alexandra’s house, we had dinner and she packed her bag because she was going to sleep over at my house. At my house we watched Disney Christmas movies and ate junk food until about two in the mornig when Alexandra fell asleep. Sunday morning, we got up and got ready to do our weekly volunteer work with Paws4You; we walk the dogs that are up for adoption and get to play with puppies. This five-day break was exactly what everyone needed.


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