The Beauty of People

The beauty of people doesn’t lie solely in their physical appearance. It lies in their smallest actions. There are things that visible to those who are observant and know there is more than what is seen at a glance.

It’s the wide smiles with wrinkles surrounding their eyes.

It’s the unique laughs that are usually funnier than the joke.

It’s the bright eyes with the potential to tell a thousand wondrous tales yet show the damage of a hundred wretched moments.

It’s the melodious voices that you could listen to forever and want to memorize the way every word is said.

It’s the welcoming postures that make you feel as if you’re in the company of a lifelong friend.

It’s the animated discussions that others would scoff at but are so endearing to watch.

It’s the affection felt in every hug and “hello.”

It’s every little thing that can be found in any person. These things aren’t secrets shown only to those with the key to unlock them. They are available to anyone who is willing to see more than an attractive face.


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