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To Attract Religious Voters in Iowa, Marco Rubio Plays Up His Faith | Miami Herald

The Florida senator, who is Roman Catholic, has increasingly worked references to Christianity into his presidential campaign.

Source: To attract religious voters in Iowa, Marco Rubio plays up his faith | Miami Herald

Similar to salesmen and Jehovah’s witnesses, Ralph Azra set out to inform the largely Democratic and Roman Catholic people of Dubuque about presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s Roman Catholic faith. Azra drove around in a rented Buick sporting a Rubio bumper sticker and went door-to-door. To cut the support of Ted Cruz, Ben Carson and other candidates, Rubio aired a commercial in Iowa emphasizing his faith. Voters have taken notice of Rubio’s tactics and have taken different stances on the issue. One voter says, “I wouldn’t vote for someone purely because they’re Catholic, but as long as they brought Catholic values.” Other voters know for sure that they will be voting for Rubio.

Voters should look at all aspects of a candidate in order to make an informed decision that will best represent them. However, similar to the voter mentioned previously, voters shouldn’t vote for a candidate solely because they share a faith. How easily swayed voters are can cause a shift in the polls if a large enough group of voters happens to be moved by an emotional campaign. Additionally, when candidates take notice of how easily swayed the public can be they will use it to their advantage rather than using their campaign to actually discuss their positions on issues and their ideas. This fact can cause an upset among the public when a candidate is elected but none of the issues they’re passionate are being talked about by the elected official.


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