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JSA Winter Congress 2016

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The JSA Winter Congress 2016 trip to D.C was an absolute success. I met so many amazing people and created bonds that will hopefully last for a very long time. I debated for the first time which was completely nervewrecking. My bill didn’t pass but it was enough for me to be brave enough to speak in front of people I’ve never met before. My favorite memories start after 7pm when the serious business ended and the night activities and free time began. On the first night, Alexandra, Joyce and I explored the hotel and ended up at the gym. On the second night, we attended speed dating (where we met some really cool people from Ohio and other parts of Florida) and the dance. On the last night, speed dating wasn’t as great but we stuck with our new friends from the night before and had a blast at the dance. That day was my birthday and it’s safe to say it was one of the best nights I’ve had in a long time.

The last day was definitely heartbreaking even though it was Valentine’s Day – the day of love. I have never been so sad to leave an unfamiliar city. I hugged every friend I made and said my goodbyes. Everyone promised to stay in touch and I hope we continue to develop the amazing bonds that formed. I hope to see all of my friends again very soon. I know I’ll be seeing my Southeast State friends at Spring State but for the rest of my friends from Midwest and Ohio River Valley: I miss you all dearly and we need to meet up even if it’s five years from now.


MidSoHio Winter Congress 2016: February 11th- February 14th


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