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Suffering in Silence

Domestic abuse – a pattern of behavior involving violence or other abuse by one person against another in a domestic setting – occurs to nearly 20 people every minute in the United States. On average, 20,000 phone calls are made to domestic violence hotlines daily.

One would think with startling statistics like these domestic abuse would be a deeply scrutinized issue. However, police rarely report domestic violence calls especially if the abuser is known to the victim; they are more likely to report the call when the offender is a stranger to the victim. These statistics don’t include the numerous cases that go unreported.

Victims will be too terrified of their offender to speak up, will be told by their families and friends to “suck it up,” or will simply never make it to see another day in the most extreme of cases.

Could you imagine being so terrified of someone that you won’t pick up the phone to seek help?

Could you imagine speaking out to your family and friends, and having them say to you, “They are your significant other. You can’t leave them.”?

Could you imagine being hurt so horribly and consistently you take your own life?

Worst of all, what must it feel like when you defend yourself and you are sentenced to time in prison for it? In many cases of self-defense where the victim made use a weapon against the offender, the victim is sent to prison for any number of violent charges such as assault and manslaughter.

The cruel injustice and apathy that hangs over domestic violence is a growing issue nationwide and worldwide. More emphasis should be put on prosecuting the aggressor and finding help for the victim. Victims shouldn’t feel that it’s pointless to call for help but that it could save their life.


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