Eliut Serrano

From the moment we started, it was clear to me that Eliut is not a serious person and I would be laughing along with him the entire time. All the pictures of I took of Eliut during the interview, staged and off guard, included a wide smile with all of his pearly whites on display and his eyes nearly closed from how hard he’s always laughing.

At first glance, he may not seem like the sweetest guy but after a 40 minute interview in the library I felt like an old friend of his. He vividly tells every story and almost always ends them by asking you if you have any stories. His manner of speaking captivates anyone who listens and sparks a conversation.

“Oh, okay! So Isaac and I go way back, like middle school. No, I think it’s elementary school. We’ve known each other for a long time! Wait, do you know Isaac?” Many of his stories were about his friend Isaac. Even though Eliut never mentioned it I got the feeling Isaac is his best friend and will be for many years.

In between stories about his adventures with Isaac, Eliut confessed he was scared of being alone as a child. As he did with most of his stories, he found humor in the memories. He joked about his older sister running away from him in larger stores which left him thinking “Maybe I should’ve followed my mom.”

After asking him if he was still scared of being alone he explained that he learned how to be independent. He realized he couldn’t always depend on others such as his parents. He taught himslef most of what he knows; he even taught himself to cook all sorts of dishes.

“I learned how to communicate and talk to people. Communication is vital,” Eliut said with the warm smile that never seems to fade.


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