Elemental Beauty

Why is fire spoken of as beautiful and dangerous?

Whys is water graceful and chilling?

Why is earth balanced and strong?

Why is wind rarely spoken of?

Or if spoken of, she is turbulent and messy.


Could it be fire’s several colors

Or persistent warmth?

It is water’s ability to sustain life

Or relaxing cool?

Could it be earth’s cracks that give

way to new lifeĀ or rocky sculptures

that are admired?

Why does no one think about wind’s power?

Is it because she only makes a scene

when she’s upset?


Why are wildfires seen as helpful?

A way to create room for new life.

Why are oceans seen as serene?

A place to forget troubles and breathe.

Why are volcanoes seen as opportunities?

A gateway to new land.

Why are tornados, hurricanes, and stormsĀ disastrous

and yet it is the only time they speak of wind?


One cannot help but wonder why they are not loved.

Wind does not mean to create such trouble.

What other ways but riots are there to get attention?

She is not as bold as fire,

as wondrous as water,

or as stable as earth.

She never will be;

Yet why would she really

want to be?


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