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Attacks in Brussels

Around 8:00am, the first two bombs went off in a Belgian airport – minutes, if not seconds apart. About an hour later, an explosion went off in a subway station in Brussels. These bombings, like the ones in Paris and Ankara, are acts of terror carried out in a time of hatred and discrimination. Following the attacks, politicians called for Obama to cut his trip in Cuba short and to take action. Civilians and compassionate people expressed their support for the Belgian people through artworks similar to the sympathetic “We Stand with Paris” artworks in November. Rome, Paris, and other significant places lit up their cities and monuments with the colors of the Belgian to show solidarity and support.

As these terror attacks continues, ignorant hatred for Islam continues to grow. Innocent, peaceful groups of Muslims are being attacked for the actions of extremists who don’t represent all of Islam but their interpretation of Islam. This hatred only causes more and more Muslims to become paranoid and join extremist groups. It is tragic that the world’s people must continue to grieve and grieve over lost souls. It seems that any progress in a positive direction is countered not only by terrorists but by our own politicians such as Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and others who cry out about deporting immigrants and taking account of all Muslims.

We must stand with Brussels. We must stand with Ankara. We must stand with Paris. We must stand for all who have been through hard times and have been attacked.

We must stand for peace.


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