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Analysis of Nicholas Kristof’s “My Shared Shame”

We journalists failed the public by letting ourselves get played by Donald Trump.

Source: My Shared Shame: The Media Helped Make Trump –


While Nicholas Kristof’s op-ed about Donald Trump is about how the media has helped Trump’s rise to success, Kristof explains that failure to fact-check Trump’s statements, an increased amount of airtime for Trump’s outrageous statements, and the belief that Trump’s candidacy was a purely a publicity stunt contributed to his rise. “We were lapdogs, not watchdogs,” says Kristof. He believes the proper way for the media to continue to giving Trump airtime and simultaneously crush his popularity is to aggressively fact check his statements. Without a doubt this would be a great solution if it wasn’t for the fact that Trump is too far ahead. He has sparked a sort of uprising for those who felt previously unrepresented. Fact checking and realizing Trump’s candidacy is a serious threat to the country are the first steps to pushing him back down, but there is now a problem of dealing with his followers. Many of his followers have shown to have a history of anger and hatred towards those who are different from them. His followers have become quickly violent and aren’t hesitant to jump into the flames when Trump is being attacked or targeted. The media’s and the country’s problem isn’t only Trump, but also his followers—those willing to do anything for a man who knows nothing.


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