And I’m Still Learning

I was sixteen, and

I loved a boy, and

I swore he didn’t care, and

I learned to move on, and

He admitted he loved me, and

I let myself believe it, and

He broke my heart again, and

I should’ve heeded the warnings.

And I’m still Learning.


I swore my friends would stay with me, and

I thought I had the perfect people by my side, and

They started to go their separate ways, and

I desperately tried to fix what I did wrong, and

I realized I didn’t do anything wrong, and

No one stays in your life forever, and

She remained at my side through it all, and

We’re not always the perfect match.

And I’m still Learning.


I let life rush by me, and

I saw others grow, and

I wonder “Why not me,” and

My friends weren’t the same, and

My classes pushed me around, and

I didn’t feel or look the same, and

I finally found my place, and

I hate some days while loving others.

And I’m still Learning.


One thought on “And I’m Still Learning

  1. A beautiful write up by someone with beautiful feelings. I appreciate that you are improvising and have realized the reality of things.
    If you are going through a low patch…all I can do is wish things are going to be okay. If not, then we have each other and lots of others to get together and rant out our frustrations on “seemingly perfect” peers 😀 lol


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