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Boris Sanchez: MLEC Alumni and CNN Correspondent Returns to Miami

The Harbinger

By Dru Barcelo and Daniela Morales

Boris Sanchez, his voice booming, brows bold, arms crossed, eyes peeled. The correspondent and anchor for CNN visited MLEC, his old time high school, to visit the Journalism class, giving insight on his road to an Emmy and journalistic success.

IMG_20160405_222700 Boris Sanchez spoke to MLEC’s journalism class about striving and hard work to reach a goal.

“Be realistic,” Sanchez said, “I’m here to crush dreams,” he added, stressing the importance of hard work, sacrifice and luck.

He interacted with the class, asked questions, and challenged them to think. Why report?  Why write?  Why investigate? He asked.

At the core of journalism, he said, is “Truth”. The job of a journalist is to inform people and to provide information, hoping that it will lead to change; change, he said, results from votes that could possible influence our democracy.

During his time at MLEC, Sanchez said…

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