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Florida Backtracks on New Guidelines for LGBT Foster Children | Miami Herald

DCF had proposed rules that would have prohibited anti-LGBT bullying and discrimination, as well as banning conversion therapies aimed at changing children’s sexual orientation or gender. The agency last month revised its plan in favor of more general language changes.

Source: Florida backtracks on new guidelines for LGBT foster children | Miami Herald

With each step forward, society takes two steps back. Regions continue to propose laws in order to protect their communities and the rights and freedom of their communities. Religious groups, conservative groups, hateful groups—all of these continue to work against what little progress is being made. The United States is seen as a progressive leading country and in reality this country is just as bad as the rest. If anything the U.S. is worse because the people know there is a title we hold but refuse to give the title any meaning or truth. The LGBT community, especially the children, deserves the rights and freedom that their counterpart are able to enjoy. In cases like these, it is clear to see that the separation of church and state is nothing but a saying in the country. Religious groups continue to interfere in the business of others comfort in a country where everyone is said to be free.


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