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Chatting with The Peach Kings

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Alternative rock duo The Peach Kings, composed of Paige Wood on vocals and Steven Dies on guitar, are on the rise. Currently touring with pop icon Cyndi Lauper, and getting ready for their own tour, The Peach Kings are making themselves known with their sultry vibes and creative music video concepts that sound and look like they belong in a classic cult movie.

While on their way to Orlando for another show with Cyndi Lauper, the duo got on the phone for an interview.

Before The Peach Kings, Paige Wood was a solo act, performing in San Francisco. Steven Dies discovered Paige through the help of his brother. After bicycling from L.A to San Francisco, Steven got his first look at the woman he would spend his life with.

“First impression was like ‘Dang, this girl is beautiful. I bet she can sing too. I hope she can sing because she’s damn beautiful’,” said  Steven. While Paige looked particularly attractive, according to Steven, her first look at him was less than beautiful.

“I had just gotten off a long, disgusting bike ride,” said Steven. Despite how disgusting Steven thought the bike ride was, well-humored Paige found the situation funny.

Soon after meeting, the duo got to work on creating The Peach Kings and finding their sound. According to Steven, the sound they created wasn’t a conscious decision, rather inspiration was drawn from Paige’s love for David Lynch’s movies and their general appreciation of films.

“When we’re writing songs, a lot of times, we like to imagine a director that we admire using one of these songs in one of their scenes,” Steve elaborated.

When asked about the future of The Peach Kings, all they want is to continue making music and working.

“Keep going. We’ve been writing a lot of new music on the road already. Get back and lay it all down on the few days we have off until we go on tour again,” Paige explained. Steven chuckled at her remark, and expressed their growing appreciation for the days they have off as days to work more on their music and preparing for the next tour.

“We’re just hustling our butts off,” Steven commented. And they continue to hustle their butts off and playing their hearts out with the love and support from their family, friends, and fans that help made their dream a reality.

The Peach Kings are already working on new music and preparing for the summertime tour called “Night Sweat.” Tour tickets are already on sale, and the show is supposed to show off the band’s full image and sound. According to Steven, the shows are going to get “hot and heavy.”


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