The Sides of the Media

My love for Twenty One Pilots and Tyler Joseph’s lyrical talent aside, the “What’s Your Story” project brought forward this eye-opening piece. Years after this was published, the message remains relevant.

There are two sides to the media whether you’re a journalist, a student, a Fortune 500 CEO, a politician, or an everyday user.

There’s the Plus side: being accepting of others, including your mom.

And there’s the Minus side: ruining reputations, spewing anger, being offensive.

We all begin in the middle with the decision of standing on the Plus sign or the Minus sign. That decision is entirely up to each individual; ignorant friends and misguided users shouldn’t sway you.

Nowadays, social media is used to attack others behind a protective screen that no one dares to transgress. It is on the other side of the screen that the victims are left to ponder the actions of others and react.

Some reactions are more violent than others whether it be violent to oneself or to another.

It is an endless cycle of attacks; neither side can back down and collapse under the pressure for fear of seeming weak. It is this fear that fuels hate for those who are striving for more, striving to be better, striving to improve themselves and the world.

It is this fear that pushes the Minus side to go after the Plus side.

Time and time again, stories of hate and abuse on social media are told; however, we continue to sit by idly. It can be stopped.

We must teach those who actively use media for hate to let go of their anger.

We must teach the future of the media that it isn’t acceptable to bash others.

It isn’t acceptable to ruin reputations in acts of boredom or bravado.


Don’t be the reason someone takes their life, or, even worse, loses their reason to live.

Stand proud on the Plus sign.

Align yourself on the positive.

Be good, and good will follow.

My feet and my spine are on the Plus sign.

Where are you?


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