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Is Hands-Off Parenting The Way To Go?

A stirring article on just how much parents should be involved without smothering or neglecting their children. The hands-off parenting method is very similar to my mother’s own parenting.

A Series of Fortuitous Events

The on going debate whether which method of parenting is the most effective is one of speculation, and primarily, personal opinion. In this case, hands-off parenting emphasizes the child’s learning through experience, allowing the child to make their own mistakes and learn from them, whilst guiding them in the right path.

Through hands-off parenting, the child learns to be self reliant, independent which aids in future success. Independence, however, goes in accord with their age. 6 years olds shouldn’t walk to bus stops alone, yet 14 year olds shouldn’t not be trusted staying home alone.

Parents should give children the tools for success and access to opportunities, but don’t hand it to them. Meaning, the parent should provide for the child all their necessities, without spoiling them, but more than enough to thrive and pursuit their ambitions. For example, the child is taken to school and given access to every…

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