Mind or Reality?

You can do it.

You’re pathetic.

Turn the page.

One more page.

Give up.

Turn the page.

Keep working.

It won’t help.

Close the book.

You forgot something.

You’re an idiot.

You should stop trying.

Get up.

Push the chair in.

You can’t do anything right.

You act like it doesn’t hurt.

You know it’s true.

Get over it.

Shake your head.

Wipe your eyes.

Dry your hands.

Breathe in.


Go ahead.

Do it.

Let it out.

Stop suffering.

You can’t do anything else.


You’re worthless.

You’ll never accomplish anything.

You’ll never get accepted.

You aren’t needed.

You should leave everyone alone.

Just go.


Body of 16-year old dragged out of the bottom of the river.

Parents grieving. Siblings torn. Friends heartbroken.

Teen finally at peace.


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