Life of the Alphabet Child

Alexander stands up for friends in the face of adversity.

Belle captures the eye of all she wanders by.

Christian has never wronged a single soul.

Destiny knows where she belongs.

Ethan is a valuable player on the football field.

Felicity inspires joy in the gloomiest of hearts.

Grace is prized for achievements in all forms of dance.

Hope can shake the most pessimistic out of their negativity.

Isaac never experiences a quiet moment for it is a wasted opportunity for laughter.

Jason is the foundation and caretaker of all his friends, first aid kit at the ready.

Kaitlyn would never hurt for she is too pure to inflict pain or suffering.

Lilo enforces the idea of sharing is caring in her everyday life.

Melody was born with a microphone at her lips and a piano at her fingertips.

Nathan is always giving himself and gifts to the people around him.

Oliver holds too much dignity to ever engage in a fight.

Penelope works day and night for no reason other than she loves it.

Quinn is quiet and observant, the first person everyone listens to.

Regina establishes her rule as soon she enters the room.

Sebastian is honored as the great leader, academic genius, and athletic champion.

Topaz with her beauty so simple yet so radiant.

Unique lives up to her with a vibrant energy unmatched by anyone.

Victoria never learned the meaning of “failure.”

William is a force to be reckoned with when he sets his mind to a goal.

Xenon is a stranger and he enjoys keeping the mystery alive.

You would’ve ┬ánever guessed my name among all of them.

Zero is the name of all those like me.


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