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Undecided: The Movie – A Genius Work of Political Comedy

Posed as a reality T.V show, Undecided: The Movie is a buddy comedy gone awry during the 2016 presidential election. Undecided voters, Dan and John, gone on a road trip to meet every presidential candidate in hopes they’ll finally pick a side.

Right from the beginning it is obvious Dan’s values lean to the left and John’s values lean to the right. Throughout the movie, Dan and John have their views altered by charismatic politicians, questionable bribes, and illicit sweets.

The 86-minute long movie is one continuous mockery of an election that doesn’t require much brainpower to mock in the first place. The plot pokes fun at the topics such as fanatic supporters, gun control, and the presidential nominees, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Among personal favorites, a journalist appears while Dan and John are petitioning for mandatory gun carry at a Bernie Sanders rally. Dan and John, ridiculously high on weed brownies, ask the journalist to sign the petition.

“I’m a journalist. I’m not gonna sign any sort of petition,” he exclaims. A sign of a true journalist: a lack of opinion and bias in the field.

The greatest jokes come towards the end of the movie as the characters begin to focus on Trump and Clinton. While researching Trump and watching his campaign speeches, Dan and John point out that Trump has “no shame or pride.” Similarly, after seeing the violence and ridiculousness of Trump’s supporters, the two of them decide to “settle for Hillary.”

The real punch line of the movie is the revelation of how the investors of the show have been playing with Dan and John as if they were puppets. Each of them were being tricked into believing they are the hero; the investors were also selling the footage to prominent politicians in each party with promises of boosting ratings and support for the party and their candidate.

Finally, the credits roll and our main characters remain independent; neither of their presidential picks are disclosed. However, the movie reveals its most relatable joke: Dan and John fall to their knees begging the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau to run for president even if he doesn’t meet the qualifications.

But then again, do our current nominees really meet the qualifications of a good president?


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