The Gettysburg Address of 2016

Two centuries and four decades ago, our founding fathers brought forth a new nation built on the principles of liberty and equality—for the white man. The Native American, the black man, the woman—everyone but the white man was left to fend for what little right they had in the new republic.

But we rose from that inequality. Fearless leaders pushed for the right to vote, the right to love, the right to live without fear, the right to stand as an American with as much as freedom as the individual standing next to you.

Now, internal war continues. The past year’s culmination of hatred and disparity as perpetrated by equally vile presidential candidates has presented the rise of the so-called silent majority—a majority which pushes fear into the hearts of those which don’t meet their standards. Two centuries ago, the target was Africans; the target is now Africans, Muslims, gay, transgender, Latinos, every beautiful variant of human under and around the flag of the United States.

This is not a call for war against the no-longer-silent majority; this is a call for change. We must honor the change brought by leaders before us by upholding the principles they fought for. Let us stand together and show the hatemongers and ignorant souls how empowering it is to embrace the differences that make the United States the destination for all those with a dream, to embrace the rich cultures the United States opens its arms to, to embrace the talents that will help the United States—our nation, our home—thrive.


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