To You… (Part 2)

To someone sweeter than sugar, brighter than the full moon, grander than the Sistine Chapel,

For the first time since the day our lives connected, I have felt deep-rooted concern for you; it is a concern my heart refuses to recover from. On the day of celebrating of love and friendship, you broke my heart worse than any romantic love ever could.

Adonis could show up at my door with Aphrodite on his arm, declaring his undying love for her thus tearing out my heart and crushing it as if he had the strength of Hercules for the brief purpose of breaking my heart: this would hurt less than the heartache you bestowed upon me with that solemn expression and slouched posture.

I can’t pretend to know your story. I don’t want to pretend to know your story. Your tale is yours to tell when you want to and to who you  want to.  However, I know you and I know you deserve happiness for a smile as heart-melting as yours needs to be seen.

By no means are you beauty beyond comparison; there are others far more physically attractive than you, but your charm and tenderness do more for you than all the beauty in the world for any other.

You are caring.

You are charming.

You are intelligent.

You are lovable.

You are mesmerizing.

You are playful.

You are wonderful.

There is so much more to you than the pain you have been caused, the secrets you keep, the burdens you carry, the love you hide, the fear within you.

Live as you please, amorous soul. At the end of the line, you will want more stories than regrets. Don’t hold back your feelings to spare others. Don’t stifle your joy to avoid judgment from the world.

As long as I live, you are loved.

love always,

a companion



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