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Of a Twelve Part Series: Aries

“I like people who make me look pretty.”

Pretty brown eyes, light brown hair, and a sweet smile that draws in the crowd with ease: you are in the presence of an Aries.

The charisma is not lost on anyone, but it is engraved in all.  Their words remain a constant  pull at the heartstrings of love that could be and love that never will be. It’s always fluttering words and light touches shouted in the light of day or whispered in the dark of night. It’s their innocent look and flirtatious laugh that attracts you and creates a daze of endearing illusions. Their words sound so pure and as attractive as their physical appearance, but the meaning hide their intentions while exposing your own emotions.

You’ll never know what hit you in the moment, but they leave your head plagued with thoughts of their batted eyelashes, soft stare, rosy cheeks, dimpled smile, airy laugh, confident stride, boyish charm.

It isn’t difficult to note the allure of these fiery souls. If you’re not attracted to their beauty, you’re attracted to their vivacious persona. They’re the life of the party. They’re the center of attention. They’re the social butterfly jumping from person to person, group to group, event to event. They catch the eye of anyone in the room with a enticing smile and seductive laugh.

Now, to the Aries, you are lovely. You don’t need to be told you are lovely, or maybe you need to hear it from someone who sees you beyond the beauty. You are intelligent beyond belief, but your desire to be in the spotlight distracts you from your potential. You are not the only one to blame; others forget your talents when looking at the superficiality of your wondrous features.

Explore your intelligence. Use your pretty words for a better tomorrow rather than a fleeting today.


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