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Of a Twelve Part Series: Taurus

Doe eyes, wild hair, overwhelming personality: all attributes of a Taurus.

They don’t know they’re doing it, but a Taurus will creep into your life, taking it over piece by piece until your breathing stops and every move is calculated for their comfort. Once either of you realize, it is too late. Try as you might, a Taurus will not let go. They demand the attention and you will cede.

You will cede because their puffy eyes and rosy cheeks will break you faster than a speeding freight train. You will cede because they will make you believe they have already done so much for you that you owe them the reward. And in some ways they do deserve the reward.

A Taurus will work and work and work. They will work until they hit a wall, then they’ll turn right around and continue working. They strive in the shadows, letting their work speak for them until they are suffocated by ignorance and explode onto the nearest canvas. May the heavens and Gods have mercy on your soul if it is you.

Friend or foe, the Taurus’s greatest flaw is lashing out blindly and the more time they spend suppressing their negative emotions, the worse the damage that will be done. You may not understand, but they believe their earthquakes of emotions have purpose.

Some days you need to let them explode. You may feel like it’s a personal attack, but if they use you as their punching it is likely because they know your relationship is strong enough to withstand any natural disaster the earth bestows upon you.

Other days, the lava and ash will smolder everyone. No one will speak. There will be more distance between isolation and civilization than ever. You will both make regrettable decisions and neither of you will admit you’re wrong at first. But you will crumble and you’ll be at the mercy of those doe eyes yelling ‘I am the victim and you are wrong!’

To the Taurus I say choose your battles wisely. You will want to take on the world and question why it hates you: this is your biggest flaw. Heed the advice of your closest companions for they may know what is best for you when you don’t. Assess who your true enemy is before embarking on a journey of destruction. You can be triumphant without hurting others.

A Taurus of any kind is beautiful. There are rare beauties of soft angels disguised by sharp jests, Cheshire cat grins, and loud voices. They need more affection and help than they let one; you need to remind them you are by their side through thick and thin. They are kind souls with much to say and they’re merely looking for someone who is willing to listen for as long as the Taurus is willing to talk.

Listen to the Taurus. They don’t believe in friends; they believe in family and they will treat you as such if they feel you deserve it. To let go of a Taurus is to lose their voice at 2am when you’ve lost your own, to lose the sun on a clear day, and to lose a love of finer things while standing in the Vatican Museums of Italy.


2 thoughts on “Of a Twelve Part Series: Taurus

  1. Reblogged this on Digital Oasis and commented:
    Out of all you blog posts, this probably my favorite. As a Taurus I agree with much of what you say. Especially, “You will want to take on the world and question why it hates you: this is your biggest flaw.” I love this post and I’m sure Alex loves it too.


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