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Of a Twelve Part Series: Gemini

A Gemini will quietly suffer the abuse of “You’re two-faced” and “Geminis are horrible” before they are told “You’re a true friend” and “You are wonderful.” Kind souls with soft smiles and a lullaby for a voice, they are more than their stereotypes and deserve the recognition.

If you find a Gemini, hold on to them. Their quiet, sensitiveĀ nature will put them at risk of being ignored and taken for granted; you must treat them better. If they invite you to go to the park, say ‘yes’ because they stepped out of their comfort zone to make the first move. Saying ‘no’ to a Gemini is the equivalent of vacuuming the air out of a closed space; it will suffocate them beyond help.

They aren’t playing the victim; they genuinely believe they are. Many will spend their life wondering why the wind blew this way or that rather than in the direction they wished for. They don’t realize the guidance they are being given and they need to be reminded that not everyone is out to stab them in the back.

Gemini, find yourself a true friend and stick by them. Don’t allow your thoughts to be clouded by the soul-crushing “They think I’m annoying,” “They don’t want to be my friend,” and “I don’t deserve to be their friend.” That one friend will triumph all others and stand with you when the world seems it is at its coldest and the wind threatens to push you off your destined track.

To the Gemini, ignore the jests. You are better than those who refuse to see you are as human as them. They will continue to degrade you and some days will be worse than others, but you have a heart as big as any and when you love, it is with the whole of your heart. To you, acquaintances are friends, friends are family, and your family is your biggest priority for they will always give you the support and love you seek from life.


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