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Of a Twelve Part Series: Cancer

Taunted for sensitivity and still as strong as any, the heart of a Cancer is unmatched in the department of emotional capacity. Yet, the Cancer doesn’t think with their heart but with their mind, and their will mind will always tell them to be good and do good. If this is weak, they will carry the title proudly for they understand the power behind a gentle hand and comforting voice.

Their ability to move people is only matched by the unrelenting waves of the ocean. They will make the most cold-hearted feel the most love and the most affectionate feel as if they aren’t good enough for the love of a Cancer. The catch will always be that in the end it is the Cancer who believes they don’t deserve the love of others.

No matter how much love and freedom they are given, they will always believe others deserve more than them, others have done more than them, other are better than them. This is so dramatically false, a string of self-imposed lies brought on by a tidal wave of insecurities cultivated by the cruelty and reality of the world.

To the Cancer, the world will seem overwhelming and will crush them, but they can bear the burden; they possess strong emotions balanced by incredible wit and intelligence. They will make a difference in someone’s life. They will use their kindness and exaggerated sensitivity to bring love and comfort to people who thought they could never be loved as passionately as the Cancer loves.

The Cancer will be drowned several times before they find the right people, the ones who will accept their love and let it transform them rather than push them away in fear of ruining the kind soul. They only need to hold onto their seasickness for just a bit longer, but their love will be returned as fiercely as they give it.


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