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Of a Twelve Part Series: Leo

There’s more to that beautiful face than meets the eye. Their caramel-colored eyes aren’t windows to the soul but to another world. Their tulip pink lips keep the deepest secrets sealed but not with a kiss. Their generous hands pay the debt of others’ sins but their heart never allows them to complain. 

The Leo does everything with the confidence and heart of the animal they are named for. They are joyful and proud with an ear-to-ear smile worthy of Aphrodite’s envy and a melodious laugh worthy of Apollo’s protection. A Leo marvels in the attention of others, basks in the spotlight, and flourishes with praise. In this need for attention, their biggest flaw is revealed.

The lion is more of a lion cub, afraid to leave the pride and stride through the fire. Rarely will a Leo realize how beneficial it can be to express themselves as they wish rather continue to maintain an appearance. They become timid with the thought of rejection and worry when they’ve lost the attention of others. The Leo will demand the frivolous attention while ignoring the secured attention of those who care for them the most.

They will feel as if the world has begun to hate them and act independently under the belief that no one could ever help them. The words of their friends and family will sound like passing sympathy rather than sincere concern. However, their fiery nature will only sustain for so long before they begin to need someone to reignite their spark.

To the Leo, allow yourself to be loved. Allow yourself to share your burden with others the way you allow others to share their burden with you. You cannot carry everyone’s weight on your shoulders and expect to handle it perfectly.. Every lion has its pride and yours is waiting for you to return from your hunt of self-discovery that will lead you to what you already know.

Though you are free-spirited, you should return home every so often to see the progress you’ve made and remember who gave the push you needed to get there. You are beyond capable of achieving your goals independently, but it is far better to share your victories with your loved ones than to stand at the finish line alone.


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