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Of a Twelve Part Series: Virgo

They are the ones with the best intentions carried out with the most misunderstood of actions. A Virgo will have the most emotion in a room and show the least in favor of their meticulous and calculated nature. They strive to have everything work out according to their plans and retaliate against others, against themselves, against the world when their plans go awry.

They truly have the best intentions with the ones they love. A Virgo would give up the earth they walk upon to ensure the happiness of others. It is in this selfless action, a seemingly mindless task, that Virgos lose themselves. They lose a sense of self and security as they give it all up for others; it is a beautiful flaw.

For this reason, a Virgo needs a support system of their own. They require a center of gravity to keep their souls grounded no matter how often they swear they’re able to handle the weight of the world. Virgos need someone who will be there to remind them that they don’t need to worry about each person’s problems, or about feel as if they don’t solve everything then it will all be their fault.

To the Virgo, it will always be their fault and they will never fail to apologize. They also never fail to continue being who they are despite their efforts to change to make others happy. In their efforts to make the world feel better about itself and find acceptance, the Virgo loses the happiness every soul deserves and the confidence to pursue their most intimate of wishes.

Virgo, rediscover yourself. Ask yourself where you lost who you are for the sake of others who never thought of changing for you. Ask yourself if it was worth it. Find solace in the simple fact that who you are for yourself is much greater than who you are for others. Virgos can do great things when they stop worrying about the problems of the world and focus on their own growth and peace.


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