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Of a Twelve Part Series: Libra

A Libra is the epitome of endless smiles and a selfless heart. Their concern for the people they love and care for make them seem like heroic humanitarians. If life were a movie, then Libras would take the role of the underdog hero who pulls through against all odds and doubts for their loved ones.

They are willing to forget their own problems to please others and rather see the world happy before they reach their own happiness. They will work tirelessly to solve every problem even after they are told their help is appreciated but unnecessary.

However, the wind sways them the other way; as much as Libra is represented by balance, there is only balance in their extremities. They can be as heartless and cold as the North American winter of 1936; they will stop for no one who feels bold enough to test their luck in the path of a determined Libra.

When a Libra feels they’ve been wronged, they will reach the point of no return. The caring, concerned person will morph into a storm of spiteful actions and subtle victories. To the world and those around them, it won’t seem like much until everything goes wrong and the cause is traced back to the clever Libra.

Libra, your drive and dedication is admirable but imagine the good you can do for those around you if you stopped to refocus that negativity on improving yourself and improving your environment. Don’t add to toxicity of society; take your own advice and be kind even when others aren’t. Stand up for your beliefs and raise awareness. Stop attacking and start defending.

Be the balance you are associated with and the rest will fall into place just as the scale rests equally as it should.


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