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My First Spring Break With My Mom

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Every year, my mom has always been too busy with work to spend Spring Break with me. Every year, I spend time with my friends while she’s working. This year, I was able to spend every day with her.

After seven years, my parents were finally able to sell their small store located in the depths of Hialeah. My mom, no longer worrying about going into work early and now focused on her health and family, took Spring Break to go all out for a family friend’s party. Each day consisted of a different sort of preparation: manicures, eyebrows, shoe shopping, hair styling.

For her, it was a week of doing nothing and total relaxation no matter how busy we got each day. She was out of comfort zone. She wasn’t used to have so much time on her hands. She felt like she needed to do something and made any excuse to leave the house before she began to feel trapped.

She loved spending more time with her daughter, something she rarely got to do when she was constantly worried about the store. Every morning, she asked if breakfast should consists of coffee at home or coffee from Starbucks. Every afternoon, she marveled at the option of eating out. Every evening, she relaxed in the padded chairs in the backyard as late as she wanted to.

But she also experienced a tragic moment. On Wednesday night, one of her closest friends passed away. He spent almost every day in the store with her and as his condition worsened all he wished for was that she would be able to sell the store and rid herself of the constant reminder of him. She received the news Thursday morning; she cried for the first time in months and I sat with her until she got back into her routine.

By Friday night, she was focused on the upcoming party. She danced through the house and imagined how the night would turn out. Unfortunately, that Saturday night didn’t live up to her expectations but she enjoyed her time with me and one of my close friends. She laughed until her cheeks turned red and she ran out of breath.

Sunday was bittersweet. It was the last day she would spend entirely with me, but it was another day she was able to spend with her granddaughter. She chased after the two-year old and carried her through the house. Both of them laughed and screamed as the day came to an end and so did the first Spring Break the two of us have spent together.


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