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Of a Twelve Part Series: Scorpio

Aggressive, vengeful, manipulative: this is how the world sees the Scorpio. Passionate, loyal, protective: this is how the Scorpio should be seen. Their family-oriented, strong personalities rely on their emotions and their ability to support those they care about. 

Like their namesake, Scorpios are intense and watchful; every move is calculated according to their feelings and every emotion is calculated according to their observations of the world. It is this calculative nature they possess that makes people believe they are manipulative. They have not learned to change their environment to their will, but they have learned to bend themselves and adapt until they find a viable solution.

However, their water-based souls will not fit every mold and stand for their side when the world is against them. Rougher than the waves bringing warnings of a storm to come, they will not yield to anyone and will not be used by those around them. People move out of their way or they will move the people who dare to become an obstacle in their path.

It is a blessing and a curse to be so headstrong and strong-willed. A Scorpio will get their way the majority of the time, but some days they will lose more than they will gain from this behavior. Used to having their way, they will view anything as a victory before realizing the consequences which will push them further down than they started.

To the Scorpio: your independence can be your downfall. Allow people to help you without feeling as if you’ve failed yourself, your loved ones, the world. You have not failed anyone by depending on someone to solve your problems for once. It’ll relieve more tension and stress than you can imagine; your heart will feel weak at first but you’ll learn the beauty of receiving support in the same way you give it.


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