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Of a Twelve Part Series: Sagittarius

Sun-kissed and warm for the skin born in the beginning of the winer. Lively and cheerful for the child born in the spell of death and sadness. The Sagittarius is the antithesis of all their season embodies. Their beauty lies in the stark contrast they present to the bleak realities of everyday life. 

With passion as fiery as the sun, the Sagittarius will get too close and turn their sun-kissed skin into a sunburned heart. They give so much of themselves without apologies and without request. They give until it is too much for their object of affection breaks under the pressure or until they grow tired of waiting for the love they sought in return. The problem becomes that their methods of love are much more extreme than any normal person can handle or reciprocate.

A Sagittarius will push away every hopeless lover that is utterly unable to muster the courage to lay their hearts on the train tracks and let the rough, metal wheels burn scars into the delicate, emotional organ. Relationship after relationship, they chase feelings as toxic as their instinctual passion; it destroys their minds bit by bit until they begin to convince themselves that they will never find “the one” or that they do not deserve the love they valiantly give. Rarely will the Sagittarius realize they need a cautious heart to match their own rather than desperately searching for love in people, places and things that could never give them what they need.

They will never run out of targets to throw their love at. They are unapologetically magnetic and aware of their abilities to charm the most venomous snakes into a submissive lull. The Sagittarius becomes addictive to those who wander into their lives and the Sagittarius becomes addicted to the power they hold over others. They are a distant memory that lingers so far beyond the conscious mind that one begins to question if their presence ever happen at all. They are a dangerous yet lovely mix of daydreams and nightmares, all that is pure and all that is deadly.

The world may never be black and white, and people will never be good or bad, but the Sagittarius will always refuse to be any shade of grey–they will always be the hypnotizing splash of your favorite color in the masterpiece titled “Forever and Finite” hanging in a museum.


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