From Room 32B with Love

Room 32B in Holder Hall at Princeton University: where I hid for the majority of the first week of the 2017 JSA summer program. Being an introverted person, socializing was the last thing on my mind; I wanted to get a good grade in the class I chose and go back home immediately after. Now, I sit in a hotel room wondering which one of my new friends I should’ve ran away with any of the countless times we joked about it.

To Christina, those three weeks would not have been the same without you. We argue and bicker in Miami, but you were my rock on the most dramatic or stressful days. Whether you were inexplicably busting into my room without a room key or crying over our unfinished term papers and gross bugs, you made the best of every situation and tried to keep me happy while you were at it. Thank you for being my little slice of home before Princeton became home.

To Margarita, I would not trade you for any other roommate. I don’t care how much we fought about how and when I woke you up every morning, you were there for me on long nights and understood every facial expression I made at the crazy things our professor said in class. Your energy and enthusiasm is unforgettable. You’re only a few hours away from Miami but I rather have you with me all the time. We’ll see each other, Mars.

To Sofia, you were like my twin. I will never forget questioning whatever Tina and Mars were doing and walking away from them. Debate workshop with you was always funny and I love watching you get intensely passionate about the topics. I hope to see you representing the Princeton family at the UN headquarters someday.

To Patricia, I will never forget you running to Starbucks in the middle of the night with your umbrella just to save Margarita. You are one of the toughest and most caring people I know. You would be there when I wanted to complain and you would be there when I wanted to dance and have fun. I’m loyal to the east coast, but the west coast has you so I may need to compromise.

To Shawnylle, you know how to have fun unlike anyone I have ever met. I hope to be as fearless and fierce as you someday. You are an immense inspiration and you’re so dedicated to everything you do. You’re so caring and somehow would know everything about everyone which I am grateful for since you became my therapist several times in the last week. Just like Mars, you’re so close yet so far and I can’t wait to see you again.

To Carlos, I met you later than the others but my love for you is indescribable. I knew we’d be great friends when we started to make faces at each other from across the room at the UN Headquarters just to stay awake. From that day on, we only grew closer and more comfortable. We began to talk about our families and our dreams and created what could only be considered as the weirdest inside jokes to anyone who doesn’t understand. I made you watch “Comet” and you probably still don’t understand it completely, but you made me watch “La Bamba” which almost made me cry so I guess we’re even. My Chicago boy, you’re 1,379 miles away but I’ll be by your side when you need me.

I will never forget any of you and I anxiously await the next time I get to spend time with all of you.

With love,

Daylin, the quiet (but hopefully fun) girl in 32B


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