Last First Week of High School

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The last thing I wanted to do on August 21 was walk back into the school that’s been tormenting with stress and drama for the past three years. I wasn’t nervous and I wasn’t sleep-deprived and I couldn’t care less about who would be in my classes because I knew my schedule was messed up beyond repair and there was nothing I could do without sacrificing the few classes I wanted to keep. To me, we never left the previous school year; we were merely coming back from an extremely long weekend and I fell right back into the routine. Continue reading “Last First Week of High School”


Spider-Man: Homecoming Review: Return of a Classic


“This is the Spidey movie we’ve been waiting for. It’s also the best Spider-Man movie of the bunch,” said Tufayel Ahmed of Newsweek. Continue reading “Spider-Man: Homecoming Review: Return of a Classic”

From Room 32B with Love

Room 32B in Holder Hall at Princeton University: where I hid for the majority of the first week of the 2017 JSA summer program. Being an introverted person, socializing was the last thing on my mind; I wanted to get a good grade in the class I chose and go back home immediately after. Now, I sit in a hotel room wondering which one of my new friends I should’ve ran away with any of the countless times we joked about it.

Continue reading “From Room 32B with Love”

Of a Twelve Part Series: Sagittarius

Sun-kissed and warm for the skin born in the beginning of the winer. Lively and cheerful for the child born in the spell of death and sadness. The Sagittarius is the antithesis of all their season embodies. Their beauty lies in the stark contrast they present to the bleak realities of everyday life.  Continue reading “Of a Twelve Part Series: Sagittarius”