Another Natalie Navarro Appreciation Post

Happy birthday to one of my oldest friends. We’ve celebrated more than a decade of birthdays together and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for us.

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If there’s one thing that has remained miraculously consistent this troubling school year, it’s been the group of diverse personalities, laughs and tears that has stood by my side. My friends may not always agree with me and some days I want to yell at them, but these pictures solidify exactly why my friends, specifically my “lunch squad,” are perfect for one another and for me. Some friends are missing but Natalie, Christina, and Christopher never failed to make me laugh during our many lunches together. A never-ending thank you to Natalie for starting this tradition.

My First Spring Break With My Mom

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Every year, my mom has always been too busy with work to spend Spring Break with me. Every year, I spend time with my friends while she’s working. This year, I was able to spend every day with her. Continue reading “My First Spring Break With My Mom”

Disney Friendcation

I didn’t think theĀ Wishes nighttime spectacular would ever end. I didn’t think I would watch it for the last time with my friend of 12 years. I didn’t think I would be spending one of the most amazing weekends in the most magical place after so many years of wishful thinking.

Continue reading “Disney Friendcation”

It Was the People, Not the City

For my second annual trip to D.C. with Miami Lakes Educational Center’s Junior State of America club, I decided to focus my photography on the people I care about and their actions. I found them more fascinating than the city itself.

That’s not to say returning to D.C. didn’t feel like returning to the comfort of home. Continue reading “It Was the People, Not the City”