Hand of God (Outro) – Jon Bellion

In times of distress and frustration, I can turn to this song which begins like any other. However, the emotion behind the song is so much more than simple, meaningful lyrics. The beauty in the second lies in the second half, where the choir enters and the harmonies take over and the listener is suddenly overwhelmed by a dizzying mashup of every other song on the album; it is, indeed, the outro, the culmination of an album carefully crafted to appeal to all those who listen.


Carrying the Banner – Newsies (Original Broadway Cast)

I’ll save the formalities for another play that doesn’t hit all the rare soft spots in my heart as much as Disney’s Newsies does so effortlessly. The songs are catchy, the choreography is expertly crafted, and the plot took the 1992 original movie and made it into a powerhouse of humor and female empowerment. Within the first 10 minutes, I undoubtedly fell head over heels, giggles and all, for Jack Kelly—charming, humorous, assertive, but infuriating, arrogant, immature. In another 10 minutes, I knew I was a goner; I would go on to see the musical a second time that night, and another the next day, and another the day after, and I listened to the soundtrack the entirety of the week.

Theme (from “Spider Man”) [Original Television Series]

Michael Giacchino, being the genius he is, remastered the theme of the Spider Man television series into a orchestrated wonder. The composition can make any fan’s heart swell with childlike joy and excitement. For all intents and purposes, this track is one of my favorites from the soundtrack and it is the perfect pick-me-up for fans that are finally down.

What Time Is It? Summertime!

It wouldn’t be the last day of school without sentimental Snapchats to my graduating friends, promises to stay in touch with acquaintances, and, of course, one of the most iconic summer songs from my childhood. I won’t deny that I’ve always dreamed of pulling off the perfectly timed chant with my friends right before the final bell rings or that I’ve always wanted to just run out of school without a care in the world. Any student that has watched High School Musical 2 and says they never wanted to try this choreography is absolutely lying because deep down in their hearts they consider this song the greatest guilty pleasure.

A Haunted House – Jon Bellion

One of Jon Bellion’s greatest talents is his ability to put his audience in the scene of his music. “A Haunted House” walks the listener into a eerie house with a grand staircase where a heavenly figure stands at the top. With her presence, the dark house brightens and the cries of bitter ghosts of the past vanish. Despite the imagery that comes with it, this is one of Bellion’s most calming songs. It is perfect for a quiet night.

Carry Your Throne – Jon Bellion

Like most of my recent musical interests, Twenty One Pilots introduced Jon Bellion to me. Without a doubt, The Definition (2014) is my favorite album, but it’s impossible to decide on my favorite song. “Ooh” is sweet and soothing, “Jungle” is exactly what I would imagine walking through a big city feels like, and “Carry Your Throne” reminds me of the intensity of one of my favorite shows, Reign. The music video perfectly captures the guts and glory of the common notion of medieval times; it may be enough to choose the song as my absolute favorite.