And I’m Still Learning

I was sixteen, and

I loved a boy, and

I swore he didn’t care, and

I learned to move on, and

He admitted he loved me, and

I let myself believe it, and

He broke my heart again, and

I should’ve heeded the warnings.

And I’m still Learning.


I swore my friends would stay with me, and

I thought I had the perfect people by my side, and

They started to go their separate ways, and

I desperately tried to fix what I did wrong, and

I realized I didn’t do anything wrong, and

No one stays in your life forever, and

She remained at my side through it all, and

We’re not always the perfect match.

And I’m still Learning.


I let life rush by me, and

I saw others grow, and

I wonder “Why not me,” and

My friends weren’t the same, and

My classes pushed me around, and

I didn’t feel or look the same, and

I finally found my place, and

I hate some days while loving others.

And I’m still Learning.