Of a Twelve Part Series: Virgo

They are the ones with the best intentions carried out with the most misunderstood of actions. A Virgo will have the most emotion in a room and show the least in favor of their meticulous and calculated nature. They strive to have everything work out according to their plans and retaliate against others, against themselves, against the world when their plans go awry. Continue reading “Of a Twelve Part Series: Virgo”

Of a Twelve Part Series: Cancer

Taunted for sensitivity and still as strong as any, the heart of a Cancer is unmatched in the department of emotional capacity. Yet, the Cancer doesn’t think with their heart but with their mind, and their will mind will always tell them to be good and do good. If this is weak, they will carry the title proudly for they understand the power behind a gentle hand and comforting voice. Continue reading “Of a Twelve Part Series: Cancer”