An Introvert’s Worst Nightmare, Catharsis, and Therapy

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Carrying the Banner – Newsies (Original Broadway Cast)

I’ll save the formalities for another play that doesn’t hit all the rare soft spots in my heart as much as Disney’s Newsies does so effortlessly. The songs are catchy, the choreography is expertly crafted, and the plot took the 1992 original movie and made it into a powerhouse of humor and female empowerment. Within the first 10 minutes, I undoubtedly fell head over heels, giggles and all, for Jack Kelly—charming, humorous, assertive, but infuriating, arrogant, immature. In another 10 minutes, I knew I was a goner; I would go on to see the musical a second time that night, and another the next day, and another the day after, and I listened to the soundtrack the entirety of the week.

Harvest Fest 2017 Recap

Writing about my last Harvest Fest is a tad heartbreaking.

The Harbinger

By Daylin Delgado

“Harvest Fest is MLEC’s most anticipated event. Preparation starts months in advance and attracts hundreds of students from other schools. This year was no different at 1,000 tickets. The gym was packed with people dancing and clubs selling. It’s an unique event that I’m going to miss dearly,” said Katherine Duarte, Class of 2018 President.

Twinkling lights, ground shaking music, students from different schools crowding the center of Miami Lakes Educational Center’s gymnasium—it is the biggest event of the year and everyone was buzzing with excitement, each person promising to make Harvest Fest 2017 a night to remember.

“Harvest Fest is one those events you just enjoy decorating. Whether it’s the fall colors or twinkling lights that add that perfect touch when the room is dim,” said Natasha Fernandez, SGA…

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Wildfires Continue to Burn Through California

Source: CNN

Beginning Sunday night and worsening Monday morning, lethal wildfires spread through Northern California’s wine country, the counties of Napa and Sonoma. The wildfires forces tens of thousands to evacuate, damaged many structures and about a dozen people have been pronounced dead with the number expected to grow as damage is assessed. Continue reading “Wildfires Continue to Burn Through California”

In Which Amazon Continues to Achieve World Domination

Source: Article from New York Times

Amazon beat out the local businesses. Amazon is beating out the major businesses. Now, Amazon has cities across North America beating each other for the grand prize of being the location of Amazon’s second headquarters. The race for Amazon’s affection is going much further than just offering resources and drafting business proposals—this is promposal season and Amazon is the most popular girl in the high school. Business leaders in Tucson sent Amazon’s chief executive a 21-foot cactus, Wharton Business School students have been given the task of pitching their city to Amazon as a fall semester assignment, and the mayor of Ottawa flew to Seattle to walk by the original Amazon headquarters as close as publicly possible. It seems that when the quickest growing powerhouse of business says they want a new friend, professional and well-educated leaders of the business world and major cities lose all sense of control.

However, there is a bit of sense in why so many people are obsessively vying for Amazon’s attention. Their search for the perfect location for their second headquarters can mean an enormous economic growth spurt for the city they choose; Amazon has planned to invest $5 billion and create 50,000 jobs in the city they settle with. Very few requirements, such as proximity to an airport and walkability, need to be met in order to be considered for this trophy and its benefits, which makes the development deal all the more appealing to city officials and their top business leaders. With the proposition open to such a wide variety of locations with different resources to offer, it’s no surprise some of these cities as going as far as creating advertising videos with owners of sports teams from the city, major businesses in the area and putting out so much content that mayoral letters to Amazon have become a subgenre on YouTube—something definitely worth watching in order to play a guessing game of who will win. It really is comical to watch grown men and women lose their minds over the possibility of being an inkling in the minds of the genius team behind Amazon, but when entry fees are low and stakes are high, who wouldn’t do exactly what they’re doing.

Cassini’s Historic Grand Finale in Saturn

My nerdy heart is content.

A Series of Fortuitous Events

The end of a historic 20 year scientific endeavor has arrived as Cassini became a part of the perplexing and beautiful planet it once studied.

Contact was lost with Cassini after it completed it’s deliberate “death dive” into Saturn’s atmosphere at 6:30 am Eastern Time on Friday, with NASA confirming it’s demise at 7:55 am.

Known as Cassini–Huygens, the mission was a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency, and the Italian Space Agency to send a probe to study the planet Saturn and its system, including its rings and natural satellites. It was launched October 5th, 1997, and on October 15, two decades since its launch, history was made as Cassini completed its mission at Saturn.

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