A Haunted House – Jon Bellion

One of Jon Bellion’s greatest talents is his ability to put his audience in the scene of his music. “A Haunted House” walks the listener into a eerie house with a grand staircase where a heavenly figure stands at the top. With her presence, the dark house brightens and the cries of bitter ghosts of the past vanish. Despite the imagery that comes with it, this is one of Bellion’s most calming songs. It is perfect for a quiet night.

Of a Twelve Part Series: Virgo

They are the ones with the best intentions carried out with the most misunderstood of actions. A Virgo will have the most emotion in a room and show the least in favor of their meticulous and calculated nature. They strive to have everything work out according to their plans and retaliate against others, against themselves, against the world when their plans go awry. Continue reading “Of a Twelve Part Series: Virgo”

Carry Your Throne – Jon Bellion

Like most of my recent musical interests, Twenty One Pilots introduced Jon Bellion to me. Without a doubt,¬†The Definition¬†(2014) is my favorite album, but it’s impossible to decide on my favorite song. “Ooh” is sweet and soothing, “Jungle” is exactly what I would imagine walking through a big city feels like, and “Carry Your Throne” reminds me of the intensity of one of my favorite shows, Reign. The music video perfectly captures the guts and glory of the common notion of medieval times; it may be enough to choose the song as my absolute favorite.