This is Me – The Greatest Showman (Original Soundtrack)

I already wrote the review, and I listen to the whole soundtrack almost everyday. Out of all the songs, this is most likely my favorite song. It is powerful. It is a message of unity. It is empowering to anyone who is pushed around and knocked down. Keala Settle has such a wonderful voice, and her range fits the song perfectly. The cinematography is so fitting, from the defiance in the face of the naysayers to Zendaya’s angry stare in the circus ring. The colors are vibrant and uplifting. There is one pause in the song that is perfectly matched by a slow-motion scene that pans into Settle’s space before exploding again into a harmony of strong voices.


Hugh Jackman Did Not Sing Through the Pain of Nasal Surgery for Petty Reviews

The Harbinger

By Daylin Delgado

Ladies and gentlemen, The Greatest Showman is not as grandiose as the name implies, but by no means does it deserve the shameful reviews it received.

One look at the Critic Consensus on Rotten Tomatoes—tries hard to dazzle the audience with a Barnum-style sense of wonder—but at the expense of its complex subject’s far more intriguing real-life story”—and it is painfully obvious that the negative reviews stem mostly from uppity history snobs.

Sure, the titular characters were likely casted for fan-service with Hugh Jackman as showman P.T. Barnum, Zac Efron as businessman-turned-ringleader Phillip Carlyle, and Zendaya as trapeze extraordinaire Anne Wheeler. However, their onscreen chemistry, their talents, their innate abilities to make the audience fall in love add immensely to the experience of the average moviegoer.

There’s no defending the lack of historical substance in a film which sells itself as the life story of…

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Will Smith’s Netflix Original Bright Is Actually Pretty Dark

Admittedly, this article was difficult to write. There’s so much to say about this movie’s writing and direction, and it would’ve been at least 400 words longer if it wasn’t for the fact that I was entirely drained after watching the movie twice, to take notes and narrow down what I wanted to write about.

The Harbinger

By Daylin Delgado

At first glance, Bright is another movie Netflix users simply brush off as an original movie the streaming service is trying to force into their recommendations. That is, until they notice Will Smith’s face on the preview screen and start to wonder what the film has to offer. After days of disinterest, I finally decided to dedicate time to the 117-minute movie, mainly because it holds a remarkable 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

The movie starts off normal enough with a montage of crime and graffiti as Logic’s and Rag’n’Bone Man’s “Broken People” plays over the sequence, before cutting to Will Smith, who plays Daryl Ward, in a police uniform on a busy street. When his ogre-looking partner, Nick Jakoby, calls out to him, asking Ward if he wants red sauce or green sauce for the burrito he was buying, it’s obvious the scene is an attempt to…

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The Arts

I am simultaneously a barely artistic and an entirely creative person. I’ve never been good at drawing and I’ve never been good at musical instruments, but I love to paint and I love to sing and write. Since I was a child, I would turn to arts and crafts, loud music and literature to refresh my mind. Art, as it is for many people, is an outlet for stress, frustrations, depression, joy, peace. As an introverted person, art has allowed me to exercise and develop my intellectual capabilities beyond the common methods of social interaction. Continue reading “The Arts”

Teacher, Adviser, Mother

Neyda Borges is the Department Chair of the English Department at Miami Lakes Educational Center; an English Honors teacher and an AP Literature teacher to ninth graders and twelfth graders, respectively; the journalism strand adviser; and a mother to all who enter the homey classroom with bright pink walls, and become part of the decade-old legacy she helps her student build. In short, she is a real-life Wonder Woman, General Leia Organa, and Hermione Granger, complete with strength and wisdom and grace. She humbly deflects praise, calmly corrects mistakes, and fiercely protects her ever-growing staff of student journalists—all while maintaining a happy marriage with her husband, caring for her two-year-old son, and making the Pink Room feel like a home away from home for all of her journalists, including me. Mrs. Borges is a woman anyone could admire and respect, and she has taught me to act with the same confidence, courage, and compassion. Continue reading “Teacher, Adviser, Mother”